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The westbound CP Expressway Train flies under the classic wooden bridge at Nichols Road
Copyright Notice: This image ©Davis Glass all rights reserved.

Caption: The westbound CP Expressway Train flies under the classic wooden bridge at Nichols Road

Davis Glass [115] (more) (contact)
Date: 10/09/2011 (search)
Railway: Canadian Pacific (search)
Reporting Marks: CP 5874 (search)
Train Symbol: CP 131 (search)
Subdivision/SNS: CP Belleville Sub (search)
City/Town: Newtonville (search)
Province: Ontario (search)
Share Link: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=8072
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  1. So far the last train to run was Monday May 28 – they did not load a train on the 29th or 30th due to the strike. Possible one may run tomorrow or the 1st but it could also be done for good.

  2. Is it possible to shoot this train in daylight hours in GTA West before service is discontinued at the start of June? I’ve never photographed this train and would honestly like to do so at least once before this operation disappears into history. For years I’ve always seen the Milton terminal from the 401 or 407 with the hopes of catching something moving

  3. 100% agree. I would rather be family friendly than air our differences on this site which should be about sharing our love of railroading.
    Apologies if I offended.


  4. Gang – i’ve turned on moderation and all comments will be moderated going forward, basically, approval required before any comments appears on the site.

    This discussion has been enlightening but it’s not family friendly, it will be removed from the site.

    (And no, it’s not the first time this has happened but we’re generally quite civil around here)

    Thanks! :)

  5. I will say that the closing of both Sears and Zellers must have impacted traffic levels. Canadian Tire doesn’t seem to put many trailers on anymore.CanTire’s new warehouse is either been opened in Vaughn or will be. That’s a long way from Milton in 401 traffic at rush hour.
    Bruce R. Smith used to put a lot of trailers on Expressway but they were taken over by Fastfrate who are also up by CP Vaughn.
    When the train leaves Milton on the way to Montreal its only half full a lot of nights.

  6. Hey Stephen, did they say why the service is being terminated? The train goes past my place every evening around 8pm or so and its always full.
    Its just like CN terminating the Toronto to Montreal RoadRailer. I worked that train many times and while it was not always huge it was constant traffic.
    I understand the NS scaled back its Roadrailer service in the US and that affected the Toronto to US trains. I guess there are factors behind decisions that we never know about. Sad.

  7. In the not so great news department:

    Staff at the Expressway Terminal in Milton have confirmed that this service is terminating effective June 1st. Expect the last movements to occur in the day or two following to re-position existing equipment and then that’s all she wrote folks!

    This is a great photo Davis and a great keep sake.

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