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Meet the new kid on the block. Trillium has leased this neat unit, JLCX 3502.
Copyright Notice: This image ©Stephen C. Host all rights reserved.

Caption: Meet the new kid on the block. Trillium has leased this neat unit, GP35 JLCX 3502. Former DRGW 3036 (Warning: A dreaded Pinterest link) in it's prior life it was on the Northern Plain Railroad painted in a mock ATSF paint (never was ATSF - Thanks Bill) and it was recently purchased by JLCX. JLCX boasted about their new acquisition on Facebook with photos of them painting it in a shop for a new customer, and the new customer was Trillium (now GIO Rail) . 3502 arrived in the area in late February.

Notice the gyralite on the top of the short hood, and the awesome horn - it sounds good too. I took this photo with my drone. April Fo.... wait what happens to people who lie after april fools..!

Note photo is along the former CN Canal sub, which to the best of my knowledge was CTC into the mid 1990's! Dain city and the former CN/NS intermodal yard is behind me which was still used by mainline trains into 1998.

Stephen C. Host [1178] (more) (contact)
Date: 04/02/2021 (search)
Railway: Trillium Railway (search)
Reporting Marks: JLCX 3502 (search)
Train Symbol: Not Provided
Subdivision/SNS: WH yard (search)
City/Town: Dain City (search)
Province: Ontario (search)
Share Link: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=44993
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  1. Single exhaust too. Still must be using its turbo.

  2. Yes

  3. I have not checked any of the history on this unit, but, if there is still a 567 under the hood, that is pretty amazing. Having worked on the Rio, as you mentioned, this unit has already put in a lifetime of hard work. And now it’s 2021. :-)

  4. Stephen, in my ’94 TT of the Great Lakes, the Canal Sub was OCS.

    Not sure when the whole sub was converted, my Niagara Region 1979 TT shows CTC only from Feeder W to Welland Diamond (interlocking with Conrail) and MBS from Thorold to Welland Diamond.

  5. 1985 says the same. So perhaps it was removed earlier than I thought. Yard limits began at mile 5 and ended mile 8. Mbs(ocs) to thorold

  6. Stephen I could be wrong but MBS and OCS are different.

    MBS the signals are controlled only on relays on the blocks ahead of it and will always give a clear if there are no other trains on the sub (or within the 3 blocks ahead of it)

    OCS is controlled by RTC and they control who is on that stretch of track.

    Open to corrections, but I’m pretty sure that was the concept, that’s not to say CN did it differently….

  7. Cror replaced ucor December 9 1990 and mbs became ocs according to this:


    Page 10 of branchline magazine from Jan 1991

  8. Not a gyralite, just an amber rotating beacon on the cab roof.

  9. So then what’s a gyralite? I didn’t know exactly what to call it then :)

    Whatever it is it’s neat.

  10. Gyralites are mounted in the direction of travel and gyrate in an oval or figure eight pattern. Also called a Mars light.

  11. Well then I learned something today. Thanks guys.

  12. What was the addition of the leaser? Tell me not replacing 1859! I have no idea what you lads are talking about on the beacon above the cab but i’ll take the knowledge thank you. :)

  13. I understand this unit was to replace GMTX 333 in Orangeville that is coming off lease.( or shutting down the O-B whatever comes first )

  14. It was also my understanding that any new power was to have a new Trillium/Gio paint scheme-guess not !

  15. Who knows. Time will tell.

  16. I heard that GMTX 340 was leased to replace GMTX 333 on their Niagara operations when that unit was transferred to the OBRY. With the possibility of the lease for 333 ending, would this mean that 340 would also no longer be needed by GIO and would also end the lease?

  17. Its my info that 340 is around for a few months yet. Gio is looking to replace 1859 at some point but 108 looks safe as it recently has new paint on the cab and body repairs.

  18. Bunch of guys with understandings that don’t understand….

    This unit is kinda blah…..the photo location is interesting tho

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