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VIA #84 lead by F40PH-2d 6454 has just left Brampton VIA/GO station as it moves by Peel on CN's Halton Sub on its way to Toronto Union Station.
Copyright Notice: This image ©ngineered4u all rights reserved.

Caption: VIA #84 lead by F40PH-2d 6454 has just left Brampton VIA/GO station as it moves by Peel on CN's Halton Sub on its way to Toronto Union Station.

ngineered4u [53] (more) (contact)
Date: 05/18/2016 (search)
Railway: VIA Rail (search)
Reporting Marks: VIA 6554 (search)
Train Symbol: VIA 84 (search)
Subdivision/SNS: Halton (search)
City/Town: Brampton (search)
Province: Ontario (search)
Share Link: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=24710
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  1. @CNSD60F…yelling won’t make any difference. Traffic is not picking up and I am told don’t expect any improvement for at least a year.
    Joseph is correct, with new power coming and all those rebuilt hand me downs on the roster, older units may be retired.

  2. I wouldn’t hold your breath…lots of new GEVOs to come for CN. and with the new EMD Tier 4′s coming soon I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot more units go into storage and never return..

  3. If i could i would yell f*** so loud i would break all the glasses in my house, I really need to see a SD50AF, well traffic is picking up let’s hope they put them back in service soon enough

  4. CN 5500-5503 are in storage. I believe down at Woodcrest was where I saw photos

  5. @Docta..523/524 are run on an as needed basic and their operation depends on traffic. 524 normally operates from Pt.Rob to Aldershot and back, but if traffic warrants 524 will operate to Mac Yrd and terminate there. 523 operates from Mac Yrd to Aldershot and sometimes Hamilton and back to Mac Yrd

  6. Does 523/4 still run to Port Rob??

  7. Lol..well I don’t tend to keep track of what engines I run or I see. Honestly can’t tell you if in storage or not.

  8. Ah thats good, but I am asking as of the present are they in storage? And have you seen one this year?

  9. Oh ok was not sure what your meant. I think those units are still active on the roster. I have seen them around now and then

  10. No I mean you know the SD50AFs not SD50Fs. I mean the 5500 – 5503 series not the 5400 series, And I was not clear enough so my apologies but what engines were on 523?

  11. 523 had traffic for Rail Link and Oakville and Mac yrd stuff for the trip back

  12. Some short line bouth up a bunch of SD50′s and the rest were scrapped. SD50/60 have very similar carbodies yes. HP is 3500 for SD50F 3800 for SD60F

  13. and what was on 523?

  14. And plus do you know where the CN SD50AFs are? the 5500 – 5503 series engines which look like SD50s but are internally SD60Fs

  15. The F59′s are not used on this line very often. The hourly service is normally handled by MP40′s.

    I was on a 523 to Aldershot.

  16. I see the GO, a damn MP40 leader as it is possible to see f59phs on the day service. What were you driving anyways?

  17. Also if you look very closely you will see an eastbound GO train crossing the diamond on its way to make a station stop on the south track.

  18. Wrong track? Ain’t no such thing in CTC railroading my friend.
    The trains follow the track and the lights..period.
    84 made its station stop on the north track at Brampton and yes normally the train would cross over to #3 track at Peel.
    Today,something different. That’s what railroading is all about

  19. I just noticed the VIA is on the wrong track! He is on Halton Track 1 when he is supposed to be on the third like the GO Trains!

  20. Thanks Docta, I appreciate the encouragement about my cab shots. LOL..funny thing is i got a rejection of a cab shot from one of the of oh so unbiased Railpictures reviewers telling me that my cab shots were becoming too common and I would be better off posting less of them so I would have a better chance to have them made favorites. Haha I replied that I don’t post pictures to have them made favorites, but to show railfans a different perspective from an engineers view. So thanks very much!

  21. Always love these cab shots, you always give us shots that most railfans won’t experience and they’re always a joy to look at, great shot :D

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