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The control stand of brand new CN ET44AC 3074. Note the inward facing camera! One one each side of the cab. Non operational...yet.
Copyright Notice: This image ©ngineered4u all rights reserved.

Caption: The control stand of brand new CN ET44AC 3074. Note the inward facing camera! One one each side of the cab. Non operational...yet.

ngineered4u [65] (more) (contact)
Date: 07/17/2016 (search)
Railway: Canadian National (search)
Reporting Marks: CN3074 (search)
Train Symbol: Not Provided
Subdivision/SNS: Mac Yard (search)
City/Town: Vaughn (search)
Province: Ontario (search)
Share Link: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=25449
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  1. Do you mean 3076? I see the number above the conductors side :)

  2. Oops..yes 3076..my bad :-)

  3. It’s too bad the railroad unions couldn’t override the inward facing camera thing. Personally, I’d find that camera very distracting, especially considering its position directly in front of the windshield.

  4. Perhaps the sun visor might be mistakenly positioned so as to block the camera.

  5. @dhatley..if it is ruled that the inward facing cameras are a part of a safety device on the locomotives then blocking them would be tampering with a safety device and the person would be subject to dismissal :-(

  6. @Daniel. Well CP is the only railroad in Canada that is trying to force the issue. So far the unions are ahead. CN has not tried to get them operational..yet.
    The issues for the union is that the company will abuse them and try to dicipline employees for anything they feel like. Transport Canada says they are only to be used if there is an accident.
    Honestly, the cameras make zero difference when it comes to safety. The outward camera can not see a persons license plate,only a car running a crossing. All it can possibly capture would be the last moments of a crews life. The camera would not have prevented my friends from dying in Burlington a few years back. PTC is the best way to stop railways accident!!

  7. I’m glad the unions are ahead of the game. I agree with you, catching a crew’s mistake if they wreck so they can be terminated (if they’re still alive) isn’t going to solve the problem.

    That Via wreck still jaws at me. I didn’t know the crew, but had seen that very train pass through St. Catharines an hour before. Your average cloudy February afternoon. Yet absolutely nothing was done by Transport Canada, basically meaning this could happen again. PTC is the ultimate step for me too. If not in the meantime, perhaps requiring the RTC and train crews to verbally confirm if they will be using a slow speed switch if it is not in the work order (e.g Aldershot-Hamilton turn). Honestly, the Oakville Sub is a chaotic mess of interlockings, some of which are 45mph capable, while others are 15. Some interlockings are barely a mile apart. It could use a cleanup and upgrade, for the sake of safety and efficiency.

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