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OBRY Cando 4014 sits, shut off, in front of the PDI transfer facility at Streetsville, Mississauga. I suspect waiting to interchange with CP to go back to Orangeville.
Copyright Notice: This image ©Brad Ketchen all rights reserved.

Caption: OBRY Cando 4014 sits, shut off, in front of the PDI transfer facility at Streetsville, Mississauga. I suspect waiting to interchange with CP to go back to Orangeville.

Brad Ketchen [1] (more) (contact)
Date: 05/19/2017 (search)
Railway: Orangeville-Brampton Railway (search)
Reporting Marks: Cando 4014 (search)
Train Symbol: Not Provided
Subdivision/SNS: Streetsville (search)
City/Town: Mississauga (search)
Province: Ontario (search)
Share Link: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=30895
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  1. An “inside the fence” view of Streetsville yard.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Remember seeing it parked there never got photos of it

  3. I believe it’s just a 2 day run then the Explorer. So maybe they bunked until the next run, hence it’s not idling? I’ve noticed even locomtives in service the day of not idling..new rule perhaps for emissions? I rememeber seeing engines idling over an entire long weekend!

  4. Thank you Cdntrainphotog. It’s my first post! I finally have a decent enough quality camera and some direction from Mr Host. Thank you too Sir.

  5. A lot of locomotives are equipped with smart start Brad. Automatically starting up if the batteries need recharging, air needs recharging, or temperature drops below 5*c. Then shutting down when not needed. Not sure if this unit is equipped with this feature. Otherwise crew may have just shut it off. Most CN GP9′s are equipped, and I believe this unit is ex-CN?

  6. In late March the new GP9; 4015, arrived on the property to replace 4014 due to mechanical issues. I think this might be when the 4014 was to be picked up by CP to head west

  7. I was just up in Brampton, living by the lake it’s a long haul… but I was hoping to catch Cando before they cancel operations…hopefully a new suitor will take over… I heard a horn at the Queen St crossing… maybe he was headed back to Orangeville..It was the day of heavy winds and rains albeit for 20 minutes on Friday May 4.. anyway..question is what days does Cando run down to Streetsville so I can get some last snaps in before they shut it off?

  8. Brad, CANDO runs to Streetsville usually Tues and Fri (fri is your best bet) and depart Orangeville around 8am ish. I’d usually catch em at the Brampton diamond and presently it’s normally goes by there around 10-11am ish and return north 90min-2hrs later. I’ve seen them running south as early as 9am and as late as 12:30pm at the diamond.

  9. Thank you Railfan99… you are correct as I heard him blow his horn at the Queen St crossing at about the time you mention on the return trip friday.

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