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Allied 88-1TM makes one of many trips on the day down to Ingenia with a loaded hopper
Copyright Notice: This image ©James Gardiner all rights reserved.

Caption: Allied 88-1TM makes one of many trips on the day down to Ingenia with a loaded hopper

James Gardiner [618] (more) (contact)
Date: 11/16/2018 (search)
Railway: Industrial (search)
Reporting Marks: N/A (search)
Train Symbol: N/A (search)
Subdivision/SNS: CN Burford Spur (search)
City/Town: Brantford (search)
Province: Ontario (search)
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  1. Part of the problem is the Track Mobile is so loud your can barely hear the horn over the noise of the engine. It’s a one or two man crew on the Track Mobile with a guy in a pick-up operating the signal at Colborne Street, that’s it. All other crossings they go screaming by. Not the best practice.

  2. I’m assuming it’s a 2 man crew with a car/truck proceeding to maintain the grade crossings.

  3. I know a fair bit about horns, but I’m definitely not a certified inspector. :)

    The minimum decibels a ‘train horn’ has to produce is 96db up to angle of 45 degrees, 100 feet away. This trackmobile has a single truck horn, facing the direction it is going here. The majority of air fed truck horns should probably be able to meet that requirement. Facing the opposite direction of travel though? Not likely.

    To put it this way. Most heavy MOW equipment or locomotives used often in switching operations involving grade crossings will not be running with a single truck horn.

  4. If they MU 5 track mobiles together it might be more affective. LOL ????

  5. They made five trips on Friday, and several on Thursday as well. Not a very efficient operation moving one car at a time.

  6. Obviously it can handle winter weather, judging from this photo. I was just mentioning that it was a concern for a while. And i am simply speculating about what i’ve heard from other people

  7. Well, if you want to get picky… and pretend to be a Transport Canada inspector without being qualified for such (None of us are actually), look at the photo above and note that it’s clearly happening in winter weather despite the complaints :) I’m sure Allied Track Services is qualified to run them and has their employees with the proper training. You might want to ask them directly if you have any other questions. They’d probably be happy to answer them. http://http://alliedtrack.ca/

  8. Just to be clear, i am 17 so i am not as knowledgeable as some of you guys and i may be getting this wrong, but are there rules against using track mobiles for this kind of operation? I remember being told by another railfan that Ingenia doesn’t have an operating license for the line despite owning it, and that the horn is not up to standards despite the many grade crossings on the line, and there were also concerns that the Track mobile won’t perform well in the winter, after how poorly it performed before

  9. Why?? It costs money to run locomotives…. trackmobile probably much much cheaper and easier to replace. I bet the Logistics dept is getting a raise!!

  10. That is too bad @Aaron Skillings. Looks like they need some restructuring in the logistics dept there.

  11. Nice shot. From what i understand Ingenia was offered the use of ex WCR 1556 for the line but they declined, sadly

  12. Whenever CN gives them cars, they use it.

  13. It Friday the usual day for this move or is it basically when ever the feel like it?

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