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Allied 705 makes the trek north from Ingenia with 3 empty hoppers
Copyright Notice: This image ©James Gardiner all rights reserved.

Caption: Allied 705 makes the trek north from Ingenia with 3 empty hoppers

James Gardiner [578] (more) (contact)
Date: 11/28/2018 (search)
Railway: Industrial (search)
Reporting Marks: N/A (search)
Train Symbol: N/A (search)
Subdivision/SNS: CN Burford Spur (search)
City/Town: Brantford (search)
Province: Ontario (search)
Share Link: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=35681
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  1. The thing is is that OSR did contact them about lending them ex WCR 1556 but that fell through. I guess a locomotive is too expensive

  2. They need a nice little GE 70 tonner!

  3. What time and day does this operation occur now? Or is it random?

  4. Hmm, large hi-rail industrial Mack obviously equipped for something else hauling empty covered hoppers.
    When he gets to the street just south of the food market, guess he would tie down the cars, raise the railway wheels and drive the truck around the block to the south side to the rear of the cars, lower the railway wheels, release the brakes and start shoving.
    How far up the connecting track would he have to travel?
    Or does CN collect the cars from the connecting track, after the truck locomotive has set the brakes on all the cars
    and gone back down the hill?

  5. Bruce: Lunchtime.

  6. Well it looks like this one is able to pull much better. Since the truck doesn’t operate in reverse, the horn should be acceptable to TC standards. I still think a single chime truck horn while essentially street running is a great way to make drivers disoriented. Regardless, they appear covered now if they hit a person or car.

  7. This is what happens when a company that isn’t a railway tries to run a railway lol

  8. Probably puts back on, backs up behind the cars and shoves them to the spot, either way what a friggin joke of an operation!

  9. Bruce, I don’t see a front coupler. Can they fit a removable coupler through that slot in the bumper?

  10. With 3 cars, what does he do when he gets to Brant Foods ?
    Stop short of the crossing and come around to the rear and then shove them under the Hagersville Sub. overpass ?

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