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At the Drury Lane bridge, CN L554 is heading west with CN 4102 in the lead. This unit was sold to Lambton Diesel Specialists and is being painted right now in LDS's black paint scheme.
Copyright Notice: This image ©Stephen C. Host all rights reserved.

Caption: At the Drury Lane bridge, CN L554 is heading west with CN 4102 in the lead. This unit was sold to Lambton Diesel Specialists and is being painted right now in LDS's black paint scheme.

Stephen C. Host [1514] (more) (contact)
Date: 3/29/2022 (search)
Railway: Canadian National (search)
Reporting Marks: CN 4102 (search)
Train Symbol: L554 (search)
Subdivision/SNS: Burlington (search)
City/Town: Burlington (search)
Province: Ontario (search)
Share Link: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=49933
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  1. Do you know when CN retired the unit/LDS bought it?

  2. CN sold it in late 2021, the last I heard of it in service on CN was June 2022.

  3. I’m impressed the switch is still in. I took a shot here 20 years ago with cars at both loading areas, I thought the switch was removed years ago.

  4. @Marcus, the switch frog is actually gone, but they left everything else.

  5. I heard it was retired last year pending disposition and then returned to service this year for a bit (used on local jobs in Oakville, Toronto then Sarnia I believe). Do you know why they put it back in CN service after retirement and sale? Was it something for LDS?

  6. It was in the October 2021 auction/sale of locomotives, but it wasn’t retired, at the time it was still being used in the Sarnia area.

    LDS bought it back then and it was simply not delivered until recently. Not sure why. When I shot it above I knew it was sold but still being used by CN. These things happen and sometimes companies change their mind..

    Just remember how 1437 was used by CN after it was retired before being donated to the WCR.. another example

  7. Gee I know were you are. Not far from were I live. Bruce

  8. Do you know what happened to the GMD-1s in Toronto in that auction? I believe 1408, 1412, 1439, 1440 and 1444 were listed in it but the last I heard only 1440 was sold off CN and that 1408 and 1412 were moved to Winnipeg but 1439 and 1444 were still at Mac, but had not heard if the two Winnipeg ones and two Mac ones were sold.

  9. Steve; I quess your wife and kids were at the mall spending all your money. Bruce

  10. Hmmm….this location looks familiar in one of your previous photos lol (Metrolinx testing new GO set) Great photo though….sad that these old units are on the way out. Just another reminder of how things used to be from my childhood 40 years ago….

  11. I’ve been going here to this location for a LONG time. Usually it’s due to visits to Mapleview or Burlington mall, Bruce as you noted, to spend our money :)

    Matthew a few were sold to the Northern Plains railway and are/were in transit to them. According to STB records: NPR bought 8 CN units in January- 1405 1408 1412 1419 1438 1439 1444

    The others I don’t know sorry.

  12. I’ll miss 4102, it was in Montreal quite a bit circa 2013-17.

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