The latest 5000 mapped images are plotted on the map below. Pan (drag side to side) or Zoom in (use your scroll wheel or built in zoom controls) on the location you desire to find your photo(s). You must zoom in all the way to clear the map and you must also know the location you are looking for. This is an EXPERIMENTAL feature

Please wait… this will take a long time if you have a slow computer. Modern computers take about 10 seconds. Map will show below:

Comments (4)

  1. This is 100% experimental!

  2. If you use this map – tell us by adding your comment below. We want to know who find this map useful! Thanks.

  3. Find map map very useful to check out some interesting geotagged photos. Notice some interesting areas that haven’t got photos yet, C.P.R. in Rogers Pass for one. Will try to put it on my to do list this spring.

    What software are you using to get the locations to display on Google Maps?

  4. Google Maps API V2