Why submit your photos to Railpictures.ca – Canada’s #1 site for the railway photographer?

  • Think of us like a slideshow but with thousands of people in the room, and all are watching attentively. We all take our turns, we share what we think is interesting to our audience and tell a story. We also make it simple, fast and easy, and you share your work when time permits or when you feel up to it.
  • There are plenty of places you can post – and we encourage you to choose the one for you – sites like Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa are like being in a huge stadium all showing your work – but you are grouped by interest and usually the people that sit closest to you will notice – but you have to get noticed to get a wider audience. Sharing on Railpictures.ca gives you a concentrated audience of people actively interested in your railway photography.
  • Thinking of selling or donating your slide collection to a museum or historical society? Don’t let your collection rot in storage – scan and post some images here before you sell or donate. This is the new magazine and posting here will keep your name in the spotlight for decades to come seen by tens of thousands of people.
  • We accept all Freight and Diesel, Steam, and Electric (and Horse-drawn) traction/trolly/streetcar photos from Canada. As long as it runs on steel rails.
  • Our site is viewed by tens of thousands of unique visitors every week, all who share an interest in Railways
  • Frequent contributors of photographs automatically receive ad-free browsing on the site
  • Your very own photo page and profile, complete with your bio should you choose to share one
  • Many of our photographers are contacted by publishers, authors, and companies looking to license photos shared here
  • If you know a photographer with a great collection, encourage them to join our community!

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Do you have a collection of slides, prints, glass/film negatives, and wish to share it with our viewers but don’t know where to start?

  • Consider sharing your collection on Railpictures.ca. Many others have shared their collections and we will ensure your work is displayed for many years to come.
  • With older photographs, the vast knowledge of our viewers often results in collaborative efforts to identify exact locations and details that may have been forgotten. Or your stories or information may present something not yet known or researched!
  • We can present your photographs in new light – with mapping and new-world data which help bring history alive again
  • Your photographs will show the new generations, today and in the future the great things that occurred which you or the photographer captured
  • Our site is a source of information for historians and book authors/publishers, who may wish to license your work for print
  • Museums and collection owners are especially encouraged to contribute here, your group will receive free exposure on Canada’s #1 rail photo site

If you are not sure how to scan your photos for the digital age or you do not have the tools:

  • There are great services and companies out there that can scan pictures for you – we recommend or photoscanning.ca ( for sensitive work, bring in person to photoscanning.ca office: 1804 Avenue Road – Suite 3 Toronto, Ontario M5M 3Z1) and Digimypics.com (for our US friends) whom some of our contributors have used for as low as $.25 per photo, and they do a great job returning your work without damage
  • If after scanning you have blemishes and dust issues, we can help you with editing – dust, blemishes and colour cast are no trouble for our volunteers who have the skills and technical know-how.
  • Worried about copyright? Use a watermark – many of our photographers add one and they deter theft – let us add one for you or help you learn how – very easy in most photo editing programs once you learn how
  • Do not let doubts get in the way of a historic photograph being shared with the world, you will be amazed what can be done with your negatives.
  • Contact us to see how we can help you scan your photos if you have doubts sending them in the mail and they are rare/sensitive in nature.

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