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Lifting the track on the TH&B Waterford Sub, where it passes through south Brantford.  Some remains now operated by CN.
Copyright Notice: This image ©Tony Bock all rights reserved.

Caption: Lifting the track on the TH&B Waterford Sub, where it passes through south Brantford. Some remains now operated by CN.

Tony Bock [51] (more) (contact)
Date: 2001 (search)
Railway: Toronto Hamilton and Buffalo (search)
Reporting Marks: Not Provided
Train Symbol: Not Provided
Subdivision/SNS: Waterford Sub (search)
City/Town: Brantford (search)
Province: Ontario (search)
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  1. Yeh, btw time he reads the STOP (if he does mind you) he’ll be in the ground.

  2. You mean right there?
    And shouldn’t it not also read “arret”?

  3. Yes Stephen I thought they might rip up the track in front of the station, which will likely be torn down too – surprised it still stands after the fire – the way SOR switches Ingenia. Lots of rail history in Brantford that will only be preserved in memory and pictures. I like this site here: http://www.niagararails.com/burford.phtml i’m sure most of you have seen. Thanks for the info Stephen and for the picture Tony.

  4. Actually, it makes one think that perhaps CP was in the running for the 2001-2010 Steel Train and once they lost the contract, they decided to rip it up..

    This south-west TH&B track was left in place a few more years for reasons unknown, there were no customers and no reason to keep it..

    Tony – essentailly Ingenia bought what remains of the downtown track – along Clarence and Greenwich St and sees service once or twice a week by SOR.

    The TH&B track and the LE&N track that switches off it west of Clarence St (by the old TH&B Station) is effectively abandoned by CN and likely to be ripped out – SOR has no access to use any of that track.

  5. Brad that is the CN burford sub that appears to ‘switch’ off the ex TH&B. When the Casino was built the Burford alignment over the Grand River was essentially abandoned and re-aligned with the TH&B through Brantford west to allow reaching the elevator in Burford that still received cars until 2001. The TH&B was kept around to Waterford for some reason also until 2001 despite no service for the better part of 10 years..

    SOR would have been using the Burford from about 1999-2001 and the former TH&B track pictured until they gave it up along with Brantford Yard for the ‘new’ Steel Train.

    funny how it’s nearly gone full circle, with SOR back running the Burford and associated track.

  6. Very sad indeed. Looking at the removed switch in the bg and satellite view, it clearly looks like it a spur for an industry off Sherwood but it appears to extend to where it might have connected to the CN Burford sub. Is this correct?

    And does anyone know where the CN Burford sub connected off of the currently run SOR Burford Spur North of the CN connection to the TH&B yard? Thanks.

  7. Depressing, but neat in a way. This is one stop sign it would not be wise to roll thru.

  8. Can’t get much more depressing than this. You should see O’Reilly’s yard in Welland. There must be over a thousand old railway ties stacked up in piles from the old CASO. One of the biggest railway graveyard scenes I’ve ever encountered.

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