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SOO 6061, the last SD60M in SOO paint splits the classic 1945 spired searchlights  at mile 47.9 Galt sub.
Copyright Notice: This image ©Stephen C. Host all rights reserved.

Caption: SOO 6061, the last SD60M in SOO paint splits the classic 1945 spired searchlights at mile 47.9 Galt sub.

Stephen C. Host [1377] (more) (contact)
Date: 03/11/2015 (search)
Railway: Canadian Pacific (search)
Reporting Marks: SOO 6061, UP 3747, BNSF 4672 (search)
Train Symbol: 147-11 (search)
Subdivision/SNS: Not Provided
City/Town: Puslinch (search)
Province: Ontario (search)
Share Link: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=25300
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  1. Very nice!

  2. My once a year CP quota was filled by this train!

  3. That trio sits in a frame in a nicely framed photo at MM 43 in my front hall as a reminder as to what could come through when least expected!
    Very nice Steve

  4. Normally I’m all about broadside as much as possible on a consist like that, but the signals, and THAT leader, makes for an exception. Nicely done, Host!

  5. 1945!?!?!?! They are not even that rusty!!!

  6. CNSD60F, They’ve probably have been cleaned several times over the years. Ever thought of that?

  7. thanks gang!

    I have two more shots of this guy including a nice broadside. Another day. But I always wanted to shoot the “best” leader at a nice signal like this and did a few of these over the last couple years. This shot needs the “best” face.

    I regret nothing as I anticipated signal replacements soon.. and its now happening.

    as for the signals, SD60f: CP’s Signal dept takes pride in their work and you can see routine applications of paint not only on the signals but the boxes also. I am told they recently painted signals west of Killean and these very well may last another year (or not, we dont really know!)

    jow 147 was amazing once or twice a week a this time… i have so many shots.

  8. This is a real treat. I see where Mike is coming from with his ‘broadside’ comment; but in this case, as it is obvious there is some variety behind that rare leader, and that is angle enough unless there was something equally rare trailing. To most of us guys it is rather obvious it is UP and BNSF. The colour looks great lined up like this. The whole damn image is right on the money.

  9. Well this is awesome.

  10. Thanks gents for your kind words. As stated, I have a nice broadside taken a few miles west :) I’ll share it another day.

    Taylor, they don’t clean signals, since the steel rusts – they paint them, and on a semi regular basis. Notice how shiny the control box is? Unfortunately, in the not too distant future all Searchlights* on the Galt sub will be gone.

    (* There will likely be exceptions to this rule, such as the 6 year old signals at Wolverton which are Searchlight style, but LED)

  11. Made a slight edit to the photo – I did minimal editing on the first one. A few fine touches on this one. Critiques are appreciated. Re-edits of your shots are sent to dbeditor@railpictures.ca if you have any !

  12. that’s possible, but they still do not look that old!

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