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Slowly coming over the hill before descending towards the Humber River and BIT.
Copyright Notice: This image ©David Brook all rights reserved.

Caption: Slowly coming over the hill before descending towards the Humber River and BIT.

David Brook [355] (more) (contact)
Date: 12/09/2017 (search)
Railway: Canadian National (search)
Reporting Marks: CN 2581 (search)
Train Symbol: Not Provided
Subdivision/SNS: CN Halton Sub Mile 1.1 (search)
City/Town: Vaughn (search)
Province: Ontario (search)
Share Link: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=31488
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  1. @ngineered4u wow Africa! That’s awesome Phil. I suppose we should call you professor Hall? Good for you my friend. Hope you are enjoying yourself. I went to Via in October. Haven’t regretted it for one second. Although I do miss working with a few people and I will miss working the road switchers in the summer. Best job I ever had when the weather was good. Hope to see you in the spring!

  2. Hey Dave, please don’t take my comments to heart. I think its a great photo. I was half kidding when I said that you were on the Halton outbound as I know exactly where you are standing.
    Agreed the world has changed much in 25 years. Funny how 9/11 effects railroading too.
    The north side does offer better vantage points than the south side, but ironically if you had been on the south side more than likely no one would have said a thing as I used to see fans and photographers there often and no one cared.
    I appreciate your support about the effects that stay with a railroader long after the tragedy of a fatality.
    Keep up the good work with the camera Dave.
    Respect to you my friend.

  3. Hey cpcnguy. I agree, the heat coming from the locomotives in this shot is awesome.
    When did you go over to VIA?
    I actually went over and started classes in June, but went back to CN a couple weeks later. Long story that I will tell you sometime.VIA could still be a possibility in spring. Anyway, I officially retired at CN on July 31. I honestly miss my freight trains..lol but not the being on call 24/7.
    I am only semi retired actually.
    As we speak I am in Botswana,Africa teaching engineers how to operate their new GT42AC(basically an SD70AcE)locomotives. The new units are light years ahead of anything they have here and are equipped with the EM2000 and F.I.R.E systems we used daily on CN. So just showing the guys here how to operate the new technology and learning a few things myself.:-)

  4. The heat blast from the locomotives is awesome. It wasn’t too long ago that the exhaust would of been pure black. Probably much noisier too!

    How’s the retirement going constable Hall? I hope you are enjoying yourself. Thought I would see you at Via. I recently took the plunge and went there. It’s nice to be in bed every night!

  5. Standing right beside them on the north side of the old Jane St. crew change spot. The zoom makes it look like I’m on the tracks, but actually, there are no rails between my feet. The world has changed since 25 years ago when no one would have batted an eye at that practice. Besides, the old adage of “don’t put someone in a place where they have to take action against you” applies very strongly; hence to 500mm zoom. I actually drove around to the other side for the other photo I took at this spot. Ne world out there; I’m not sure it’s a good thing in some ways. Stupid should hurt, but crews shouldn’t have to go through life altering suffering because of it. I met enough who had during my brief CN career. Hope that helps.

  6. LOL@snake. I can always appreciate a great photo, but also take into consideration what some railfans do to get “the shot”.
    Trespassing is not the best way as it makes it harder on other fans that play by the rules. Railroading is dangerous enough and after experiencing some pretty unsafe things its hard for me to let go of safety

  7. there’s an after hogger career idea for you Phil…Ossifer Hall. on patrol.

    I was wondering too how you got that shot.
    After all these years, is there somewhere at that triangle to safely watch trains.

  8. Nice work David. I love the zoom in bang on shots with signals, especially the searchlights.

  9. Hmmm, nice shot mister, but should you be standing on the Halton outbound tracks????

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