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CN# 540 is about to cross the long out of service portion of the CP Kerrobert Sub just outside Rosetown Saskatchewan.
Copyright Notice: This image ©Matt Watson all rights reserved.

Caption: CN# 540 is about to cross the long out of service portion of the CP Kerrobert Sub just outside Rosetown Saskatchewan.

Matt Watson [450] (more) (contact)
Date: 04/28/2018 (search)
Railway: Canadian National (search)
Reporting Marks: CN 5694 (search)
Train Symbol: CN# 540 (search)
Subdivision/SNS: CN Rosetown Sub (search)
City/Town: Rosetown (search)
Province: Saskatchewan (search)
Share Link: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=39885
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  1. branchline railroading alive and well, great shot!

  2. Question, do you happen to have any photos of 114 or 115 back when they ran the Rosetown sub, great photo btw.

  3. jknott86- I’ve seen mixed freights, unit trains of oil, unit trains of sand, and unit trains of grain all operating as 540/541. Some days that means there is more than one 540/541 on the sub at one time. Sometimes other 500 series jobs out of Saskatoon seem to go as far as Delisle. Saturday mornings in Kindersley seem to be a good bet for 540s.

    Noe -Thanks Jason.

    robin lowrie- I’m not sure Robin, but it stands to reason as this the closest the two lines get around Rosetown.

  4. Is it just 540/541 and Big Sky (on the portion where they have running rights) that run the Rosetown, Matt? Sorry, wish I’d asked this in my original comment. I accidentally ran into a 540 back in August – 46 grain loads and what I am assuming were 10 frac sand empties. Can’t say I knew a damn thing about the Sub or 540 until that day, then did some Googling. It’s a neat one though – love when they parallel a highway.

  5. Very nice image Matt.

  6. Matt: Is this at the location that used to have the name “Rosetown Transfer”? If so, the interchange tracks were just to the right past the CN line.

  7. Neat shot, Matt. Don’t see all that much from the Rosetown Sub.

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