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Classy at Danforth

With the white class lights on (for fun), GO 564 leads an early afternoon Lakeshore East train into Danforth on the way to Oshawa. I ended up riding this train to Rouge Hill and then biking up to Beare to catch some CN trains, and this was a nice start to the adventure!
Copyright Notice: This image ©Liam MacDougall all rights reserved.

Caption: Classy at Danforth

With the white class lights on (for fun), GO 564 leads an early afternoon Lakeshore East train into Danforth on the way to Oshawa. I ended up riding this train to Rouge Hill and then biking up to Beare to catch some CN trains, and this was a nice start to the adventure!

Liam MacDougall [65] (more) (contact)
Date: 10/18/2020 (search)
Railway: GO Transit (search)
Reporting Marks: GO 564 (search)
Train Symbol: Not Provided
Subdivision/SNS: Metrolinx Kingston Sub (search)
City/Town: Toronto (search)
Province: Ontario (search)
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  1. I don’t like platform shots, but I like this. Certainly a different structure than the usual.

  2. I like this too. @SCH: Curious, why don’t you like platform shots?

  3. Steve, I generally don’t like them either but I was quite pleased with how this one came out. Thanks to both you and Kevin!

  4. I find them pedestrian. Difficult to compose anything actually good. Full of clutter. Mostly lacking in anything other than bland repeatable infrastructure such as a fence, stopping markers, no trespassing signs, cameras and utilitarian shelters and presto equipment. And often a fence right down the middle of the right of way to ward off people who might take a chance to cross the tracks.

    This for GO or any Commuter Rail platform, VIA platforms are usually much much much better.

    This shot lacks just about all of what I hate in a GO platform, or this is composed very well to hide it all :)

  5. @SCH: Well, very true. You’re right about the signage and posts, and other ugliness in the way. My exact frustration with Stuart St yard with those stupid lamp posts. It’s very irritating, but I suspect Metrolinx doesn’t give even a speck of consideration for railfans. I don’t bother with GO platforms but I imagine across this fine world of ours, there are many platform shots to be had :) The other reason I’m not a fan is because the commuters may think you’re a creep if they suspect you taking pictures of them. We all know, most people don’t pay attention to trains so they wouldn’t suspect you’re shooting the train, only them! Someone asked us at Stuart St yard what we were taking pictures of. The only thing in view is a freight yard! I think it would be pretty obvious, but no!

  6. Stuart St was ruined mostly by James St North’s new station. Still a few angles to be had but the good ones are gone now.

  7. And what’s the deal with that station? They never seem to be using it. I managed with 421 back in October but it was because I was extremely tight on time. In hindsight it worked out because I wanted to capture the trailing units the best I could. It’s a good place for record shots of locomotives but other than that, it’s difficult for decent rail photography.

  8. Overbuilt for the current service levels, but GO does plan to eventually extend all day service to it.. at that time it’ll be very appropriate… what the holdup is now.. i don’t know.. Dundurn is in service.. as is Stuart.. it’s all ready to go..

    the parking lot is finally open too, but it’s largely ignored/wasted!

  9. Very nice shot Liam, classy indeed ! Something so engaging to me about the face of the GO 500’s ! Maybe it’s the massive “brute” look, big and powerful. Now, what is all this hullabaloo about platform shots ? My first days of train watching in the ‘40’s was always from platforms, and the earliest pictures on my Hopalong Cassidy Box camera and then my Brownie Hawkeye were also platform shots. See, in those days, you weren’t trespassing on railway property if you stayed on the public platform. The only platform I got “shooed “ off was at Toronto Union Station – you were only supposed to be on the platform for train boarding, and then with an adult. Spent a lot of weekend afternoons at the predecessor station platform on the north side of this scene, watching Northerns + 4100 assist struggling up Danforth hill. Also, West Toronto CP and CN stations, Parkdale stations , Leaside CP Station, CP/CN Don station were all favourites of which you could get to on the TTC or by bike. Good for you Liam, going to Danforth Station by bike ! Now, that is a memory from the past ! Here is word for you “youngsters” about taking pictures from the platform . Once you pass 80 + years, platforms are a blessed place for train watching and photo taking ! And when you are a senior, most people sharing the platform don’t consider you to be a terrorist. In fact, taking a picture at Oriole GO station one morning, I dropped my cane and 5 or 6 people rushed over to retrieve it for me. The person who picked it up said “ hope you got your picture” ! Ahhh, love platform picture taking. John

  10. John very nice perspective on platforms. You’ve set it straight on the good side :)

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