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Empty hoppers on the way north to be filled again with sulphur chips. It is a very generous ditch between highway and railroad at this location. Makes getting the total length in the picture an easy task.
Copyright Notice: This image ©L. Priest all rights reserved.

Caption: Empty hoppers on the way north to be filled again with sulphur chips. It is a very generous ditch between highway and railroad at this location. Makes getting the total length in the picture an easy task.

L. Priest [309] (more) (contact)
Date: 06/26/1985 (search)
Railway: Canadian National (search)
Reporting Marks: CN 9171 (search)
Train Symbol: Unit train (search)
Subdivision/SNS: Lac La Biche Sub. (search)
City/Town: Egremont (search)
Province: Alberta (search)
Share Link: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=50798
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  1. Your collection of images regarding these old F units must be really something to see. Glad you still have more of them to show us.

  2. Another beauty! :-) That’s quite the dog’s breakfast of hopper cars! Smooth sides, ribbed sides, standard height, tall boys. That Sinclair ‘shark fin’ antenna really stands out when painted red/orange!

  3. This is a nice warming image to look at on a cold grey day. Very nice.

  4. If you look through my posts, you will see there are a bunch of photos from these few days. Without bragging, this was never repeated again, especially with such sunny weather. June 25th take P’s of the 9166 & 9177 going home. June 26th take P’s of the 9171,9190 & 9167; then at lunch the 9177 & 9166; that evening the 4607(NAR), 9161 & 9172 on the Muskeg Mixed. June 27th takes P’s of the 4344 & 4414 (a 4400′d being a rare visitor); then at lunch the return of 9166 & 9177; at 18:30 the return of 9167,9190 & 9171. The F unit action, with AA and ABA sets, was never again matched during my time in Redwater. F units were common enough, just usually mixed with hood units. The CN really put on a show, so did the weather, glad I had a camera. :-)
    In regard to the cars Paul. It was slow gradual evolution. When I first moved there, unit trains were almost completely the smooth sided little guys. Then, the taller with ribs started getting mixed in, so by 1987 the trains had become mostly tall rib. By the early 90′s, bathtub gondolas were slowly being mixed in. I was not there long enough to see a complete tub train, it wasn’t going to be long coming though.
    He’s wearing his shark fin proudly, being the only F3 to be re-built.
    Thanks fellows.

  5. Sweeeet!

  6. Wild brundle just wild. Great days indeed and thank you for documenting and sharing.

  7. It makes me feel very good seeing how many appreciate these old photos. If wishes actually came true, I would have had many of you there with me. Turning away after events like the above picture, it was just you and the car, nobody to yak it up with. Sport for a hermit :-)

  8. Great shot! That 9171 (ex-GTW F3A) sure got around. Seemed odd CN rebuilt one of those GTW units when they had many of their own newer F’s they could have done.

  9. It was nice having at least a little variation in f unit radiator shutter patterns. This with the chicken wire, the 2 with louvers and then all the rest. Having both louvered units go through town as an AA set never happened, that I saw. Would have made an unusual pairing. That is the other f unit question that needs an answer, why did those 2 get louvers? Thanks MrDan. :-)

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